Monday, 2 July 2012

NOTD: Undercurrent by SPARitual

I shall call it . . . Mini Varnish (brings pinky to lips)
SPARitual are lovely body/face company that believe in making vegan products that not only smell just divine but ooze luxury and pampering. I knew they did varnishes but not nearly anyone had used them and wanted to give them a whirl. I was browsing and lusting over the website when over at the varnishes I noticed they had just launched little mini's. These are smaller versions of their larger salon based ones, which are more affordable from £5 - £8 (instead of from £8 - £10).

This colour was part of the S/S 2012 collection that was inspired from water and oceans. This is a deep blue cream, that has the slightise green to it to echo the deepest part of the ocean. I took this during the daytime but at night it seems to go nearly blue/black like the ocean. I love the detail and thinking into that.

The bottle has the grip of the larger sized, but it missing the soft rubber grip that the larger ones have. This doesn't take from it and is easy to handle. The lacquer paints on easily and self levels with ease. The finish is great and even without a top coat comes out glossy. The bigger bonus is the smell, my husband hates me painting my nails because of the smell. This is time not one complaint, as the scent is miniscule.

I now have my eyes on one from their Pigment range called Henna, a purple/pink hybrid which is what I'm missing from my collection.


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    1. It's a wonderful colour and the wear was really good (was about 5 days in the the end) x


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