Monday, 16 July 2012

Feeling Spotty? This Might Help

My current skin care hero amongst its new family
As you call know I hit my thirties in April, however this message hasn't quite got to my skin yet as I still break out like a teenager. Not small ones either, the ones where wearing a paper bag becomes the go to accessory.

Witch Skincare a while back asked for bloggers to join the Flawless Friends club, I didn't in (however a lot of blogs I follow did so congratulations to them). As a thank you for applying they sent the hero product - The Blemish Stick. Now I used one when I was around 14 and found that it didn't work, that was purely because I used it once rather than multiply times.

Didn't get much opportunity to use it until a little raised area was coming up on my forehead by my eyebrow, you know the ones it's red swollen and incredible sore. I used this in the morning and evening with putting moisturiser on the area and let the witch hazel do its work.

Witch Hazel is a natural astringent that tightens pores, soothes and supports the healing process of skin. The Blemish stick not only contains this but alcohol to tighten (not for drier skins as this can dry you out further), and Glycerin that calms the skin.

Within a couples of days the redness and swelling was gone, even better the spot that threatened never developed. It goes on like a clear light balm and can even have make up put on top of it. I really like the fact that after 46 years that this still works like when it was originally created, as well as not being animal tested. They're latest release is a anti-blemish BB cream as part of their increasing make up range.

Read about it here


  1. Hmm, sounds like a great product for blemishes
    Great review

    1. I`m really impressed with it, and it doesn't break the bank either

  2. great blog :) u should try Origins spot remover its amazing !! pop by and say hey x

    1. Origins do a great range, I like the anti stress balm,they do. X


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