Tuesday, 3 July 2012

LatestinBeauty.com YOU Skincare Box

Oh My ....
This is a conintuation of my entry from last week (Part one: My First Order with Latestinbeauty.com), As I mentioned at the end I ordered the limited edition YOU skincare set and was awaiting it's arrival.

First of all a bit on latestinbeauty.com, so far I have been really impressed with them. They sent a mail the day before the offer to say what it was and as well as what is in the box. When my box arrived today I found that everything is suited to what I delcared in my skin profile (dry, and ahem, getting a little older). Loved everything instantly, so prepared to feel a little bit of envy:

L'Occitane Angelica Hydration Cream (15ml)

New to the brand, promises to reinforce skin hydration so skin can look more plumper and radiant. Smells a delicate fresh scent, with a cream finish that sinks in quickly and without residue. Hvae used this now for 3 days and I'm already looking at investing in it, for a full size it is £29.00 and I really love the smell. It uses Angelica oil and water (a by-product of the extraction process), has a fresh herby scent, which has stress relief and reviving properties.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concertrate (4ml)

Small droplet brown bottle that is used at night time under moisturiser (I'm thinking Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair). Loving the sound of the ingrediants: Evening Primrose Oil, Lavender oil, Fatty Acids = The perfect skin support. The sample looks tiny, after reading instructions you need 3 drops patted into the skin before moisturier, when I woke up skin looks more even tone (no red patches) and looked plumped as well as feeling very soft. £36.00 for a full size, that has the promise of lasting a long time.

Melvita Moisturizing Rose Nectar (15ml)

The first of my two rose scented products, "sheer" cream for use during the daytime. First ingrediant on the list Rosa Damascena water (there is also the oil), I like that fact it gives the latin name of the roses that they use in the product. The aromatherapist in me is dribbling over the oils and shea butter, sunk in beautifully and felt soft for most of the day. Rose oil is a natural anti-inflammarty and anti-depressant, and has a sweet-mellow fragrance of english rose gardens. £26.00 for a full size.

Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser (30ml)

This is the brand created by Dr. Murad and I am very interested about him after trading his background in the skin care industry in trade magazines. Promises a smoother and softer skin, has no scent and scrub feels like it won't irritate the skin. I found this was leaving my skin scrubbed with feeling like I was aking it raw. It has fruits acids inside it as well as exfoliation beads so you get a double hit. At £34.00 it's a little higher than what I would normally pay for a scrub, however only a pea size amount is needed.

Etat Pur Micellar Cleansing Water (190ml and full size)

New company to the market that claims that it uses as many natural prodcuts as possible. Light weight cleansing water that was put up against my everyday make up. It was good but my non waterproof mascara took a little longer to remove with no irritation. Used it for nearly a week now and used very little of the 190ml bottle, and the price is very good at £6.40

Balance Me Moisture-rich Face Cream (10ml)

My second rose scented product, contains Rosehip oil, Jojoba oil (rich in fatty acids), Cloudberry oil, and shea butters. Sinks in easily with rose scent that settles down to a soft floral scent. Feels much more of a thick lotion rather than a cream, is more suited for skin that is still dry but doens't want to use something that isn't too thick on the skin.

This box had input from the ladies at The Beauty Bible, which is one of the go to places for inpartical advice and reviews on products that have been going for many many years now. They believe is natural products (but so test others), and do entensive testing of prodcuts to bring the best in their publications. They are weekly guest columists of YOU magazize that comes with the Mail on Sunday.

 I've now given this about a week, my skin has vastly improved. Now, instead of wearing a foundation it's improved so much that I've now gone onto a moitursing tint. I'm very happy with this box, everything I have used, my only gripe would that there are two products with the same main ingrediants. I very much look forward to the next box!


  1. Replies
    1. I'm loving everything in it so far!

  2. This looks like a great box! I've just ordered an Etat Pur aha, heard a lot of good things about the brand! Xx

    1. I'm so glad I got it, it ws worht every penny. I'm really liking the Etat Pur cleansing water, does great on light make up but not so much on heavy, but leaves the skin really refreshed. xx


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