Monday, 9 July 2012

NOTD: Salsa by Boots No.7

Oh Boots how much do I love thee? It does however alway seem you are constantly are on offer, so much that now I think I own most of the varnish collections just though £5 off vouchers alone (I have family who donate them as well as earning them myself). This is my favourite, my other favourite "Pink Grapefruit" no longer exists *sob*, if there are any dupes can people please let me know. Back on topic, this is my red of choice, a rich red shimmer that oozes that glamour that is required when wearing red.
I love the brush on this for something that is unprofessional and reasonably prices at £7.95, goes on evenly in two coats and when a top coat is on, boy does it shine. I prefer the stay perfect collection rather the speed dry, I find the formulation is better and is not as thick. For me it starts to chip between 3-4 days but to be honest by then I'm ready for my next colour.
A benchmark was also hit yesterday - The blog had 2000 hits, yet again I want to thank everyone who regularly reads my mutterings. It still is makes me feel humble that people want to read my enteries. Thank you once again.

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