Thursday, 26 July 2012

Masterclass - Reflexology

For someone who really didn't like feet that much, Reflexology was a weird choice of qualification I took after Aromatherapy and Indian Head Massage. My first practise model didn't increase my confidence as her feet didn't look very inviting with lumps of hard skin and general murkiness (sorry if you're eating). I had done my research before, it had ignited an interest so I ignored my fears and I am very glad I did.

Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is done by applying pressure on either hands or feet using the therapists fingers and thumb. The belief is that the body is reflected onto the soles and palms of feet and hands, manipulating these areas can help the body into balancing the zones. It also can relief tension, and improves circulation.

The basis of reflexology was introduced by William H. Fitzgerald (ears, throat and nose specialist) and Dr. Edith Bowman in 1913, which split the hands and feet into ten zones that reflect the body. This was then modified by Eunich D. Ingham (a nurse and physiotherapist) who spilt the therapy into the 'reflexes' we use today.

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The therapist will take a medical history before cleansing the feet, they will then either apply lotion or talc (I prefer talc a lot less slippery when your are working deeply). They will start with the head at the toes and systematical work down the foot, working a little harder on areas that they feel they need to. When I completed my Mani/Pedicure certificate I also Incorporated a pedi with the treatment, which also made my clients feel all floaty happy.

It is a interesting subject and from experience I have discovered things about the client just from their feet that they didn't inform me off. It is a recommended treatment for stress relief and has had some success (however no medically trailed) with fertility issues.

 Next week - The basis for most massage routines - Swedish

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