Friday, 11 July 2014

MAC Creme Cup Dupe? B.Vibrant Lip & Cheek Colour in Prom*

I have been using the B.Skincare range from Superdrug for a while (B. Replenished Facial Oil
is still one of my cabinet staples) but have never adventured in to the make up side. I spotted an opportunity to try a few bits and jumped on the chance.

One of them was their Lip & Cheek colour which I had alrady had an introduction to when I went to Superdrug's press day last September. B.Vibrant is just that, strong bright colour in a crayon style applicator. Its creamy to apply on, and after two layers has a 8 hour lasting power.

I was swatching away amd a little light bulb went off, this looks so close to sanother one of my lipsticks, MAC Creme Cup. Digging around in my storage box, I found it and swatched it next door to a swipe to Prom,

Top: Creme Cup. Bottom: Prom
Side by side, Prom is more of a deeper richer pink than Creme Cup. Both on smoothly but I do like the convenience of crayon that I can apply in a hurry. Price wise B.Vibriant is also the winner at £7.99 (currently has £1 off at Superdrug at £6.99) compared to MAC's ever increasing prices at the £15.50.

* Product was provided for reveiew, but the ramblings are my own.

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  1. MAC prices are a joke, they're going to keep going up and up! D:

    Danniella x


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