Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Hope You're OK

My name is Helen and suffer with bouts of depression.
On my darker days I cannot get out of bed, even getting dressed is an accomplishment. I'd rather hide away and disappear into my shell then having to deal with situations. Most of time I feel like I am the only person in the world dealing with this, and constantly feel emotionless. I call my depression "black cloud" because it builds up and rains when it wants to.
It can affect anyone, not only the people themselves but the knock on effect on families, loved ones, friends. A depression suffer will often suffer in slience because they feel they don't deserve help or don't want to bother anyone. The biggest thing for anyone to do is admit that they need help and actively reach out for it.
There is still much of stigma attached to having a mental illness, all most of us want is someone just to show that we're there when we need them. The Mind Charity were there when I needed them (and still there for me while I battle on through bouts), they provide a safe welcoming, enviroment where people can get help or just be with people who are going through the same thing.
You want see true beauty and strength, go to twitter and search #mymind.
If you want more information on how you can help, please go here 

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