Thursday, 3 May 2012

Masterclass Update - Threading

aka. The start of revamping myself.

Regular readers would know that one of Masterclass's last month was on hair removal (see it here), I did say that I would follow up on it one day. Due to money problems (having none and any that we had went on mortgage), I had to put a slight brakes on this until well I had enough of looking a little bit like a wookie for interviews.


I went in search for a threading person who was reasonable and good at twhat they did, in where I live they have popped up all over the place so the market is very competitve around here, I counted in all about 6 places offering it and we are not that big of town. This does mean however that prces can be very reasonable the one I went to was £3.00 (The most expensive was £13.00 at House of Fraser and was dead, wonder why?).

In threading the practicer uses twisted cotton to pick up hairs and pull them from the roots to give a smooth defination shape. The difference with tweezering and this is that the later you are only pulling out single hairs while threading you can pull out a whole row of them.

Does it hurt? Yep, you're pulling hair out, but only the first few times and it really does depends on how taught you pull the skin while its being done and how good the person actually is. I was really luckly the woman I was quick, by the time I was starting to sting she was finished. The skin around the plucked area will swell and will looked pretty bad for a few hours (because mine was so bad it took nearly 24 hours before it calmed down), so not something to be done just before a night out.


It had been so long since I had my brows done that the next day I got a little over excited with the brow powder and was sporting a big scouse brow. I did not get any photos but in case you don't know what a scouse brow is painted you eyebrows until they're solid, developed by Jodie from Desperate Scousewives (which sadly I did love the show).

Love the rest of the make up in this

The next step will now be to control the frizzy mane into a glossy wavy haricut, but thats for tomorrow ;).

Next week - Tanning (but not The Apprentice way!)


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