Monday, 21 May 2012

Belated Masterclass - Face Masks

Face masks are a preparation of different ingredients to give a short term treatment for the skin. They provide a deep cleansing, toning, nourishing or refreshen effect through the following actions:
  • If it has ingredients to absorbed, dead skins cells, sebum and debris will be adhere to the mask when removed.
  • If it has ingredients that are an astringent on the skin, the pores and skin will tighten.
  • If it contains emollient ingredients, the skin will then fell softened and nourished.
  • If it contains soothing ingredients, then the skin can be desensitised to reduce skin irritation.
There are two types of mask, a face mask which will dry and set and a face pack which remains soft and doesn't set.
Setting Masks are applied in a thin layer over the skin and then allowed to dry, a dried out mask can be become uncomfortable and difficult to remove. They come in different commerical varieties:
  • Clay masks - Absorbs serum and debris from the skin surface, leaving it cleansed. It can also stimulate the skin depending on the ingredients used. There are different variety of clays that have different uses, they start off a powder form and is mixed with a liquid to create a mask.
  • Gel masks - is a mixture of biological ingredients like gums, starches or gelatin. As soon as it is applied to skin it then starts to dry and then can be peeled off.
  • Thermal masks - More mineral based as they warm when put onto the skin to enlarge the pores, making it easier to clean the skin.
Non-setting masks stay soft when applied, others do become firm but they do not contain the tightening functions of the setting masks. Non-setting masks include:
  • Oil masks - is warmed then applied to the skin, after a period of time the excess is then removed.
  • Gauze mask - is a cloth that has eye, nose and lip holes cut in. The cloth will has some liquid/oil infused into it then placed over the eyes for between 10-15 minutes.
  • Natural masks - are made of fruit and vegetables which in themselves have astringent and stimulating properties. Usually crushed up and applied onto the skin.
  • Cream masks - are prepared treatments similar to moisturise cream, can be left to absorb in or have the excess wiped off.

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  1. I love masks, but I'm so lazy to use them or don't use them often enough because I forget to >_<


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