Friday, 18 May 2012

Things That I Can't Live Without (For Now)

The Collection

While I am working on this weeks Masterclass and I thought I'd show you the loves of my life (currently and including husband before he starts sulking).

Starting from the left:

Bach Flower Rescue Remedy and Night Tine Rescue

Many moons ago when I worked in an office, my so-called manager had a go at me and being the delicate youngster I was cried my eyes out. Our receptionist can to my rescue after discovering me in the staff room, got me drink of water and produced this yellow/brown bottle and told me to add a few drops to my tongue. After a few minutes the tears were gone and I felt rather more human.

This works on the calming effects of a combination of flower essences, and has been in use since 1930's. It's ideal for any stressful situation or one when you need some focus. I've recently had problems sleeping sleeping to all my worries going round my head at night. I've been using the night version and found a great help as part of winding down, a few drops in water while reading a book and it seems to be working.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

Why? Oh why have you named it a cream when it's more of thick gel? Apart from that its awesome. I burnt myself last year and once the stinging went down I put this on top, not only did it quicken the healing but I think it lightened the mark behind. Everyday use I use the tinest amount on my dry flaky lips when not split. It now comes in a fragrance-free version, hurrah!


I used to be addicted to Blixtex when my lips are sore, cracked and just not even worth going out in public, however with my economy drive (and it's price at £2.79) I was open to a new alternative. Browsing the blogs a few weeks back The Lipstick Blog wrote a blog on lip care (Please look here) and sang the praises for this. Was in Boots and I thought why not, it was only £1.79 (on offer, usually £2.19) and was expecting not alot. I like being surprised with a few uses lips improved, it is a barrier cream used to protect babys' bums from nappy rash. I got the smallest (30g but also comes in 50g and 100g) and I've only used a quarter of it, great value.

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

Never got the hype of this product when I worked in a department store, it wasn't until I had some given to me that I gave it a try. My poor skin is now starting to show signs that I am no longer twenty, and it's starting to lose some of it's glow. I used over the top of my moisturiser and got on with my day, walked past the mirror a few hours later and was surprised that my skin not only looked healthy but looked a lot more fresher. Under foundation I looked liked I'd had a decent nights sleep for a change and was being told that I looked great. A pea sized amount does fine for the face so you don't need to nuts with it. Well lived up to the hype.

Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Serum

I blame this one squarely on March's Glossy box (Read about getting it here and reviewing it here), fell in love with it the first time I used it. It is a lightweight oil/serum that has a nutty/musky scent. It tames my frizzy hair into soft curls and leaves no residue behind (as long as you stick to amounts the label says). With this my hair could easily rival the Duchess of Cambridge's.

Sally Hansen Double Duty

As I've mentioned I'm in a economy drive, and I love products that I can double up as something else. I have used Sally Hansen and knew they had something that I could use a top/base coat. I know that most peoples reservations on product doing two jobs is that it may not live up to using those product separately, I found with this that it gripped my colour but also still had that glossy top coat finish.


I had this companies catalogue from Professional Beauty 2012 after I was searching out suppliers to use when I open my own beauty treatment business. It's really great at the moment trying out different companies to see who I want to work with (if you are interested, please see my email in the about me section). What drew me to Sparitual is that they are PETA approved and Vegan products, so I applied for an up to date catalogue. Not only did they do that but sent a huge sample bundle worth £5.00 (they do take what qualifications you have so not everyone gets this, they can be purchased!), and I have been working through them since. I came out of the first time using them floating and after the second time my mind was made up who I am using when I get my funding. The names of the products are delightfully named (like Infinity Loving Oil and Open Your Eyes Bath Salts), and use the holistic approach to healing and pampering. I'm looking forward using them (and the rest of the samples up!).

Don't forget Materclass this weekend will be face masks and back to normal next week!

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