Friday, 25 May 2012

Masterclass - Laser Hair Removal

We've talked about hair removal a few times now (If you like to see the original Masterclass and Threading Update click the titles), and like all the beauty industry is something that is ever evolving. Today I want to talk about another emerging home treatment area.

There are two that get linked to around this subject: Intense Pulse Light (IPL) or Laser Hair removal. IPL uses light waves to reduce hair but can also be used in the treatment of skin aliments. Laser hair use those highly accelerated beams to damage the hair follicles thus reducing the hair growth. All of this systems have not been approved to say they "permanently removal hair" as this is a false claim as it reduces hair not removes.

Previously these systems have been exclusively for the people who can invest in £1,000 a whole body treatment. However, with demand now increasing for products that deliver long term results the home market is now booming. With any beauty product it is important to follow the manufactures instructions, not only to get the best results but also for the your own safety.

The benefits of having a at home system do outweigh the cons (In salon taking up to 2 hours of your time in front of a therapist, however that therapist can reach unreachable places). The maths look good as well, you will need to start 8 session over 6 months which works out £125 a session, that doesn't include the top up treatments that will be required.

A good quality home system should set you back about £349 (Award winning TRIA system), and I am on the believe that you get what you pay for. Maths wise it is a wiser investment, on the basis on 8 treatment it works out at £43.63 a session not including the quick top ups you can do yourself whenever you need around your sheadule. 

OK so the big question, does it hurt? On the first treatment you should expect some skin redness and some people have said it can feel like an elastic band pinging against the skin. After 2-3 months hair will begin to grow lighter and finer, at the 6 months mark the hair follicles deactivate and hair is reduced.

I think it may be time to say goodbye to the lady shave.....

This is a sponsored post but the opinion is my own after researching the market and product.


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