Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Masterclass - Eye Brow/Lash tints

We are now gearing up to the time that most people are going through pre-holiday checklists, that includes the de-fuzzing, tanning (so it looks like you've been there a few days), and the famous "No carbs before marbs". Then there's the clothes and of course make up, trying to find the right mascara that would streak in the pool but also won't melt in the heat. This is where tinting steps in.

With tinting its very similar to hair dying, it is a long lasting treatment that adds colour to highlight the brows and lashes without looking over done. Because of the delicate nature of the area around the eye (it's very sensitive and thinner than other skin), it uses a different dye that is used on head hair.

Every reputable salon should always do a skin test of their dye brand as well as a consultation to make sure that there is nothing to stop you having treatment. This is important as we are dealing with dyes there is a risk of allergy. This should be done 24 hours before any treatment is done, so preplanning is needed if you are gong to an event. Contact lense wearers will need to take them out before the appointment or wear glasses.

After a negative allergy test you will be taken into the salon and told to lay down on a couch, for an eyebrow tint you will have a petroleum jelly put around the outline of the eyebrows so the tint doesn't go onto the skin. If you are having the lashes done this will put around the lash line with a cotton or tint pad undernethe the lower lashes. The dye will be mixed into a dish then brushed onto the area and left for 10 minutes. Any stinging or discomfort should be said immediately so the tint can be removed and area washed out. Then it would be thoroughly wiped off with damp cotton wool.

To top it up you will need to plan in appointments for eye lashes every 6 weeks while eyebrows are every 4 weeks (for some reason the hair on the eyebrows don't seem to last as long). Prices are around £6 for eye brows, £10 for lashes with discounts for doing both at the same time (check your area - I'm South-East near London).

A quick note on home kits: Please follow instructions, they are safe to use and all last around the 4 week mark. I do feel to get the best results a little help may be required (espically as those who can get things in eyes easily like me).

Next week - Eye lash perming

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