Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My New Go-To - NYX Round Lip Gloss Natural

I own a few lipgloss is a little of an understatement, I like the laziness of just swiping one on and off you go. Recently I have felt I've needed a little more than normal: a little more colour and creamy texture. This is of course where this comes in, this is from NYX (pronounced Niks).
NYX (Niks) is named after the mythical Greek Goddess for the night. The company makes cosmetics that satisfied the needs of the professional as well as the beauty junkie. They are more known for their palettes, which are not only good value but are also have good pigmentation.
I got this when I was at Olympia Beauty in the press bag, and grabbed one day running out the door to work. I instantly loved the creamy texture which is unusual for a gloss, because of that there is also very little shimmer content. I do feel it is more a of 'grown up' gloss becaue of this, and would suit people who like a hybred of both gloss finish but lipstick colour.
They are 36 different colours in the collection and RRP for £3 each. I already have my eye on Mauve, Frosted Plum and Wild Orchid. You can purchase the through the NYX Online Shop


  1. Ah I'm so glad you told me how to pronounce that,... I don't think I've ever said it out loud but in my heard it was always like N. Y. X !

    1. I had one of the lovely NYX ladies teach me how to say it. Before then I used to say NYX, so glad I got the correct saying!


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