Saturday, 17 November 2012

Masterclass - Eyeliner

Eyeliner comes in 4 different forms - Pencil, liquid, pens or cake liners. Pencil is the most common and versatile of the 4, as not only gives you more control but can change the finish to sharp or blended depending on what you need. Liquid is more defined and sharper, I also find a majority of pens come in liquid form (Liquids have a pot to dip into, while pens have a nib attached that you use to apply). With cake you use a brush, wet the bristles and paint the liner on, this can also give a stronger finish.

With any liner, I find applying it at first really fiddly, and can recommend to practise! I find it easier to lift the eyebrow up with one hand and using the other hand to put dashes along the lash line, and then join these up. If I'm using a pencil I would use a bit on the hand first to warm the tip as I find this goes on smoother. If you can sit down at a desk to start with this will you steady yours arms when applying until you feel more confident.

Always start inwards going outwards as not to drag the skin, and check your work regularly as not to get uneven eyes. If you want to apply any liner to the inside of the eye (also known as the waterline), pencils is best as this will be softer on the delicate area.

Examples of different looks


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