Sunday, 18 November 2012

Razorpit Teneo Razor Sharpener Review and Giveaway

Shaving - not the most glamorous things to talk about. I have talked lyrical about this before in a previous Masterclass on Hair Removal. I still consider myself lucky that companies want to try products out for them, not only did I get to be asked to try this out but I also have one for you guys to try yourself.

The Razorpit Teneo works on the same technology that barbers use strops for - it removes organic matter from the razors blades that can make it dull. By clearing this debris away it means that the blade lasts longer and not need to replaced that often. It can be used on all razors, by applying foam or soap to the strop area and moving the head up and down.

I had this for a few months now and haven't had to replace a shaver head yet. My husband, who normal has no interest in anything I get, was noisy around this and it soon disappeared near his Mac Infusion razor. He as well is also happy with it, and now I have lost it forever to him. He then mentioned it to my dad who then borrowed it, and I had to beg it back so I can then redo my razor.

Thankfully I've managed to hide this new one from them so I can give you guys a chance of grabbing one yourself. You better enter before they find it.....

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This is UK only

Razorpit can be found on Amazon for RRP £19.95.


  1. I love my men to be rugged, mine has a full facial beard! Love this giveaway! x

  2. I like them rugged with a hairy chest and I`m another beard lover :-) @relisys222

  3. I generally prefer clean shaven, though I've got nothing against a bit of stubble... I hate proper beards!

  4. Clean usually! But ive nothing against a bit of stubble. I dont like beards though haha


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