Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Don't know what to buy her? Askherfriends.com

Christmas - The word is enough to strike fear into any ones heart. I still get asked to write a list for my mum every year, and then would be asked about items on it. My husband is still one of the people who would go out Christmas Eve and panic buy (however he's said he's booked a day off this year to get it right).

On the other side I have been one those retail assistant who has ended up Christmas shopping for entire families. I won't even start on the stories on bad presents (My 18th my ex brought me an empty hip flask, ). When the details of Askherfriend.com came through my mail,  I'd must admit it did get my interest.

The idea was created by Ben Blomerley, who after buying his girlfriend a worm farm for a present, thought there was a better and easier way of finding out what she really wanted.

It's starts with a simple questionnaire about your relationship and a series of preferences. They are then presented with a list of suggestions which can be tuned into an advice list of ten items. This can be then be tweeted, facebooked or linked to her friends for feedback (a due date can also be added). The final choice can be purchased and praise can be received!

There is a really good choice of shops - Not only your high street names like Debenhams, luxury stores like Selfridges, but some great little indie stores like Two Red Trees (ethnically jewellery and soft home furnishings store), and Flights of Nancy (family run leather handbag store).

OK sounds good in theory, but does it actually work? One night I set husband the task of finding me a present using this system. The highlights from his list include Scent Library By Penhaligon's (a brand I've always wanted something from), Burlesque Dinner Plate 'Ophelia' by Pickled Ruby (I love Burlesque and the uniqueness of the design), and Nails Inc 10 piece set from Debenhams (If you read this blog you know that is perfect for me).

I did have a lot of fun making lists up for myself and increasing my already long Christmas list. Askhisfriends.com is already in development (but I do think whathehasntalreadybroughthimself.com is more appropriate).

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