Friday, 9 November 2012

Masterclass - Eye Make Up for Glass and Contact Lense wearers

Bet you didn't know I wore glasses? I should wear them for when I'm working on the computer (like now but I can't find them), and then I have another pair for when I'm reading print. These above are my computer ones and then I have a slightly thicker framed for reading - A little bit of geek chic.

The effects of glasses on the appearance of the face depends on the design of the frames and the colour/type of lenses.


Heavy frames can take bolder eye make-up and a strong lipstick to provide balance, while steel frames can look lost in heavy dark make-up. By keeping the eyes softer above it blends in without over powering, using a eye liner, eye brow pencil and mascara gives a more defined look without clashing. When designing this look I also took in consideration the colour of the frame (a deep bronze) and used the same tones.


Short-sighted people are ones who can focus on close up items but not far distance, while long-sighted can focus on long distance but struggle with things that are close up (aka me). The lenses are designed to compensate for this however can also effect the look of eyes behind them. Short-sighted people have the appearance of eyes that look smaller, while its the opposite for long-distance. This is where last weeks Masterclass on How to wear eye shadow can help correct this.

Contact Lenses

I must admit the idea of lenses isn't really my thing, would you believe I really don't like things on my eyes. With contact lenses there are some considerations to have because it is a thin membrane that sits on the eye. Cream eye shadow are better to use but powders can be used with a damp brush to reduce any loose pigment getting into the eye. Avoiding heavy creams around the area as if these get onto the lenses it can smear or even melt it. For mascara use a block or low alcohol which also contains little filaments so these do not get into the eye.

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  1. Love your idea of "masterclass" posts! I don't wear glasses or contacts but if I ever have to I will need tips like this! I'd be clueless about what kind of frames to choose ;)

    x Ellie @ Ellalogy 

    1. Thank you so much, love writing Masterclasses. It's using what I know to help other people - How great is that :) xx

  2. Don't wear glasses, but this could come in handy one day!
    Great blog btw.
    Found your blog through the #bbloggers blog hop.
    @Stylinspire blog xx

    1. Love a good 'hop'. Thanks for the comment :)


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