Monday, 2 June 2014

Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara

As the third British Beauty Blog Box comes out I am still working through the bits from the second, but that didn't put me off getting the third!

I am not a huge fan of big volume mascaras as from experience they will have huge fibres that will drop on the bottom of my eyes and climbs looking like I have spiders crawling across my eyes. Why did I try this? Easy, I trust Jane, it's in her box for a reason and gave it the benefit of doubt. The sales blurb is the usual high orcane american fast paced you need this thing "Expolsive volume in Rocket Time!"

Past the blurb, it is a rich black mascara with a plastic brush. The brush has masses of fine bristles which coat evenly no matter how many coats you add (I go for about two to three).It leave my lashes more thicker but also defined and seperated. It also removes cleanly without needing to feel like you require about 6 pads of eye make up remover for each eye.

At £7.99 it's not bad value, it definatly competes wtih They're Real at £19.50, and it also comes in a waterproof. Avaialble at all high street chemists/shops.


  1. ohh thanks for sharing , sounds great! Will have to pick it up in the waterproof soon :)

    Sophie Jenner

    My #guessthepolish Competition *Enter Here*

    1. I could imagine the wterproof would be perfect for the summer heat (when it gets here!)


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