Saturday, 14 June 2014

A Weighty Issue

I had been weighing myself every two weeks since I been going to playgroup, I had lapsed the past few weeks and today had my 50p to use the Boots machine as we have no scales at home (and I think if we did I'd be on them all the time). Did the usual nonsense, "Stand on the platform, head straight and stand still", and was shocked to the display, I was nearly the same weight when I was 36 weeks pregnant at 12 stone 11lb (81.5kg).

I am heavier now than when I started trying to lose weight the previous time. I logged into my fitness pal app and said that the last time I logged on I was 80.8kg (about 12 stone 10lbs) and was on track to lose more when I got pregnant. Recently, I've noticed my trousers are much tighter and the wobbly belly I had from birth is much more wobbly than before. I think I might of even found a new stretch mark.

My mojo has also gone, I just feel like a big wobbly lump.

There is a beautiful Jasmine Guinness dress hanging in my wardrobe, I brought it a few years ago and it hangs there with the tags still on. My bother in law is getting married in August and my aim is to be able to wear it (it's a generous size 14, while I'm currently 16/18), this gives me 8 weeks to try but this is not about trying to fit into a dress, but also to get my mojo back and get healthy that I can look after Beth for longer as well as when she's older that I can play with her and not get tired.

First a few admissions:

I am secret eater - I will be out on my own and 'treat' myself to all the things that are just sugar and fat, I hide this from Hubby.
I'm lazy - I'm normally get to the evening and can't be bothered to cook, even though I am not a bad cook. I stuff things on a tray and cook it (normally something with chips).
I currently crave sugar - I know this is because of my sleep pattern, and I didn't realise how common it was in Mums with newborns until I researched.
I'm a vegetarian who is fussy about veg and does not eat fruit - The biggest thing to change, epesically  as Beth is now so close to the age of being weaned and I will need to lead by example.


I literally will have to 'wean' myself onto vegetables at the very least, actually Beth's weaning books have been really helpful about nutrition and I've been hitting the recipes book to find more appealing veggie meals.
I've already re-downloaded My Fitness Pal app, and uploaded today's eatings which was very depressing reading. This will give an idea of how on track I am, I'm unevenlemming on there if you want to see the progress or be my cheerleader.
I've noticed my portion sizes have started increase again, I need to reign these in.
The one that everyone says, drink more water and make sure I carry a bottle around with me so I fulfil this.
Find some more exercise that is enjoyable as well as good at strengthening my muscles so I can make my back stronger.

Most of all I want to be happier with my body, and I am not at the moment. There is in black and white, now I have no excuses!

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