Saturday, 21 June 2014

Bethany Update - Month 5

Working the cuteness
 OK, who took her? Who took my little newborn and replaced her with this little girl?

Bethany is growing into a beautiful little gurgling girl, she now is rolling over more and is pulling herself up to sit. We regualally put her in her Bumbo seat (which is like a big hard foam potty thing) to help her build her strength up to sit on her own, however her favourite thing is to sit on our laps and investigate what we are doing - my phone is no longer safe!

Her favourite toy is a soft rattle that has a lamb head called Lamby and then a small insect that caused a 'discussion' between my Hubby and I. I think it's a bee, he thinks it's butterfly, so one day I put on Facebook and Twitter and let them decide. Butterfly won so it means that at some point I am on nappy duty for a week. She does have other toys that she likes, teething links being a chewable favourite, but these two get her the most excited when you show her them.

Butterfly in mouth and Lamby next to Beth
 We found out Thursday that Beth is not putting on the weight she needs, in the past 5 weeks she has only put on 1lb. She is now on the edge of the NHS danger zone, so it has been suggested that we actually try to wean her onto food as after discussion we think milk is not interesting her as much now. She watches me eat as well as cries to sit on my lap so she can reach for food, her head is not 100% steady but it is getting there. As this goes live I will probably trying her on her first bit of baby rice! (Quick note: This is going up later than normal as she was having her first few spoons with huge success)

My back is on the mend, I still get pulls and twinges but I am not taking as many painkillers as I was, at least now it is as and when. I am using the My Fitness Pal app to keep a track on my eating habits (Unevenlemming), I can already start to see a difference as I am less bloated than before, but that zip is still alluding me. Finally, a thank you for sitting with the blog during this time, when I was pregnant I had a feeling that when Minilemming was finally here it would turn my world upside down and things would be all over the place for a while. I am hoping that the next few months before I return to work that a pattern will emerge and balance will be restored.
Finally enjoying tummy time!
Cuddles with Mummy


  1. awwh lovely post. Your daughter is simply adorable x

  2. p.s. not so good about Beth's weight & your back.

  3. Oh she is SO cute, I just had to brave my uncooperative mobile phone and leave a comment! Can't believe how big she is now!! Big love to you both.

    Love Zoe x


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