Monday, 23 June 2014

#BBBBeautyBox Number 3

I spent that last of my birthday money on Brit Beauty Blogger's 3rd Beauty Box (try and say that quickly). I know from previous boxes, with some samples I am still working my way through and some going into my labour bag, that every single item is a hidden and well loved gem. I will always get my moneys worth and as glad this time that she had teamed with another company I have also used and loved in the past, Latest in Beauty. Latest in Beauty do a sampling and beauty box service, where what you see is what you get and I have used them a few times in the past (YOU Editors Box is still one of my favourites).

You have read a trillion other reviews with long lists of the products so I will not bore you, there are some that have different colours so I will tell you these: The Essie polish I got from Spring 14 is Spin The Bottle, a milky latte like nude. The Charlotte Tilbury lipstick 'Kiss' is Marylin, a perfect toned red and the Makeup Revolution palette is Lock and Load, a mix of neutrals and deep jewel tones. I actually could of not of asked for a better box, the colours are exactly what I would of picked out. I honest feel that Jane and LIB sat down and made sure that I got the right box for me (I know it's not true but it's my fantasy so shush).

I've already nearly used up the Elemis foot cream, as this is my treat for night feeds - I give myself a foot rub afterwards to wind down. It's thick enough to feel it doing something to soften but you are not slipping over because of grease. The Lola Kabuka brush is a must have for dusting powder to set make up, supple and soft. Roger and Gillet Gingimbre Rouge sample has gone, and I'm not repeating what my Hubby said about it, this is a family site. Janjira Art of Siam is beautiful, hand softing and a little treat when washing hands after changing Bethany.

I am still working my way through the rest (as well as the previous boxes). I've said this to Jane (honest if you love the boxes, give her a tweet, it'll make her day) but these are just incredible for the amount of care and attention that goes into them is beyond what any brand can so. I told you they would be a success, congratulations.

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  1. I know what you mean! The second and third box all had a red shade for the lip product which makes me feel like it was put together for me :)! I can't wait until she does another...

    Danniella x


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