Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Superdrug BB Eye Cream*

I think that some emails have a great sense of timing, I got the email from Superdrug regrading their new BB eye cream after another sleepless night with Bethany (3.30am is not playtime). It claims to be a 5-in-1 product that conceals dark circles, smooths the appearance of fine lines, reduces puffiness/bags, hydrates and improves radiance. I was chomping at the bit to get my hands on this.

It comes in a thin tube with a brush at the end, I got sent the medium colour which I thought could of been too dark but actually blended into my skin really well. I used this under my eyes and at first glance my tired eyes did look concealed and illuminated. I left it a few hours before I looked again (this time at playgroup) and my puffiness had gone down and everything looked smoothed out. I bumped into some friends afterwards who asked the compulsory, "How are you?" question , I said I was tired and was told I did not look like it at all, I looked surprising well. One point to the BB Eye Cream.

It also lasted much of the day, when I took off my eye make up at the end of the night, it was still there to be removed. I found easy to use as the brush dispensed that right amount for each eye, it just needed a pat with a ring finger to blend in. Compare this to another magic wand, YSL Touche Eclat, and at £6.99 (compared to £25), it is a good value dupe. Exclusive to Superdrug.

*Product supplied for my review, opinion my own after use.

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