Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Life Moves Pretty Fast.

2014 is seeming to fly by quickier than I can keep up, it only feels like yesterday I was waiting for the wiggling worm that was Beth to hurray up and come out. Now, she's here, everything just whirls by in a blur. I know day and night happens but I cannot name you the day/date it is.

Hubby is the same, his contract finished early and now he's home all day. Even though this has brought new stress of income, this is great for looking after Bethany, she get equal time with each parent and always has someone around. We are finding that we are spending less time together and the time we do, it's spent having a competition on who's the more tired before going to bed to sleep.

We were both ill last week, me at the beginning and my husband on the morning of my birthday. My parents rescued me and I spent the day with them, but the thing that really upset me is that the birthday party I had organised for my husband went on without him (at his request).

I also had the news that my aunt has had her lung cancer return, and this time it is terminal so it's been decided to not continue treatment. The whole family is devasted, I not only am worried about my aunt but also about my own mother's health as they are both close.

All of this mixed togehter has knocked my mojo a lot, at the moment I feel like I'm surviving rather than living. This is what made me think of Ferris Bueller, who took the day off to live life and take stock, so for the next week or so I am taking some days off to recharge and take stock because I don't want to miss life.

For now keep safe and keep beautiful.

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