Friday, 4 April 2014

FOTD - New Mum 5 Minute Face

I need to go out of the house, Beth is distracted enough where I can get dressed, washed and comtiplate putting make up on. This is what is in the make up bag, seperate from my main collection in it's own bag ready ready to be used.

Base - Gineva BB Cream (from £18)

I have previously harped on about how much I love this base, it's basically my skin but better - smoother, lightly covered, neutralised and refreshed. Previous review here

Concealer - Estee Lauder Dissappear in Light (£18)

Have used this for years since I worked for them, it was my unsung hero on the counter and still is to this day . It is a creamy consistancy so it can be used everywhere including the eye area, gently pat it on where extra cover is needed. A tiny amount goes a long way, a tube can easily last me longer than it should do before you are suppose to throw it away.

Powder - GOSH BB powder in 04 Beige

This has extra coverage than a normal finishing powder as it can be used alone (for those special people who have amazing skin, not for us hagged new mums). I swirl a brush over and use it on the oiler areas - forehead, nose and chin. A great powder, will be repurchasing when it runs out.

Mascara - Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express

I am not usually a fan of the big volume mascaras, I find the fibres fall onto my skin or I ended up with black smudge under the eyes. This I got in the previous British Beauty Blog Box at the end of last year and as my previous had run out needed to grab one quickly as I was about to go out. The brush is large with small brush spikes, this gives the the final result as advertised (without the lash inserts)

Blush - 003 Money Talks by Dainty Doll (Now discontinued)

I love this blusher, it is the perfect one of flushed for me and has the tinest bit of shimmer. I need to find a dupe for this, all suggestions in comments please.

Eyebrows - Avon Glimmerstick Brow Definer in Soft Black

I need to be featherlight with this, too dark and I look like an extra from (Insert reality show here). I use small flicks where needed, quick blended as well as regualy threading sessions to keep the shape. I do prefer the bigger brow look so if time is tight I can skip this part.

Thrown in changing bag: Lip - Lanolip colour in Rubarb

Another British Beauty Blogger find, and what a find it is. I suffer with dry flakey lips all year long (Winter - the cold. Summer - hayfever allergies), and find little that gives me the flake free lip that I want. This is a thick semi glossy lip balm hybred that is non sticky and gives the moisture I need to keep my lips in really good condition. If you are not allergic to lanolin (the main ingredient) then this is worth the investment.

Right I'm ready to go but what's that smell?

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