Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Pearls of the First Few Months Newborn Wisdom

It's taken me a little longer to write this one as I was toying how to write it. You see only YOU know the best for YOUR child. If you take one piece advice you can take away from this is this: Trust your instincts and trust your gut. It will be 9 times out of 10, be the right decision. As they lyirc's of Baz Luhrmann's Everybody's Free (to Wear Sunscreen, "Whereas the rest of my advice has no basis or reliable, than my own meandering experience, I will dispense this advice now"

Only a few minutes old
Forget to doing any housework that wasn't done during the nesting period, there is a little person that needs you attention (and believe me even if they are asleep you will be watching them). I spent most of this time living on anything that can either been eaten one handed, miscrowaved or my personal favourite, scrabbled egg on wholemeal toast done by Husband.

Never, ever refuse help, even if it is someone to hold them for five minutes to go to the bathroom. My MIL used to take her off of me Friday nights just so I could have a hot meal.

Discuss with your partner how you are running care, and make sure he knows he WILL be helping. We worked it out as follows (Exclusively bottle feed):

Between 4am - 6am: I would feed Beth then she would go to sleep, I would go back to bed.
Between 7am - 9am: Hubby will then get up and feed her
Between 11am - 1pm: I would get up and feed, as she got older this was also play time
Then I would look after her until evening when Hubby would take over so I can prepare dinner.
9pm: I would go to bed and Hubby will stay up with her.
1am: Shift swap, Hubby goes to bed, I do next feed.

I will not deny the following: You will feel tired, you will get frustrated and, as much as you love them, you will wonder why you did this. It is all normal, however if it gets to the point that it goes beyond these thoughts then reaching out for help is the best way. I am not ashamed to say that Beth has been taken off of me when the signs have been there that I could not cope.

Items I wish I had brought sooner

Dr. Browns Natural FLow Bottles - I have reviewed these before here and are still one my best investments.

Mothercare Fabric Bath Support £9.99 - Beth loves splashing in the the water and I was having many issues keeping hold of a slippery baby. You put this into a normal or baby bath and baby sits on top, you can also pull of the fabric when done and put into washing machine. Stress no more.

Playmat - I got mine 99p from eBay, it had a few marks on the bars and was local pick up only. This has to be the best 99p I've ever spent, Beth is on it nearly everyday batting toys and (trying) to roll around.

First time on playmat
Bouncher - Another eBay bargain at £4.50, great for strapping her in when I need the loo. The Mama and Papa's one I have has a vibrate and music, enough distraction while doing work. I also sit her in this if she wants to face me to gurgle at or watch the world go by.

Things you can never have enough of

Wipes - Getting poo off with cotton wool is impossible.
Muslins - Wiping everything, everywhere, everytime (I have found that Sainsbury are the largest, 5 for £6, comes in grey, blue, and pink).
Bibs - Keeping clothes clean from newborn
Sleepsuits - For various reasons, most of time because of poo.


  1. Love the article - just the kind of information I'm looking for less than 3 months before my baby is born. Speaking of sleepsuits, do you think I've over- or underestimated my baby's needs...? How many newborn clothes do I need?

  2. This takes me back Helen - completely agree that 'you' know best -wish I'd followed this advice more with my first! And yes - I remember the poo goes all over the place doesn't it! xx

  3. Newborn poo should be used in weapons and now Beth can reach her 'bits' I'm having to wrestle her out of it! X

  4. I had one of those bath supports when mine were little, not sure what Id have done without it!

  5. Great article, thank you! I'm nearly 31 weeks pregnant now so trying to soak in bits of advice!xx


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