Monday, 21 April 2014

Bethany Update - Month 3

All smiles at 9 weeks
Last time we left we were about to go for her first injections, she whimper on the first one in her thigh then cried on the second, promotely dribble the Novavirus down her chin beforehand. She was unsettled for the rest of the day, wanting cuddles and having a temptuture. I had also timed it well that I had my Health Visitor appointment the next morning so if she was really unwell she could be seen by someone quickly. She did however come out of it just a little grizzly. Roll on next week where it all happens again.

Bethany is also having her personality starting to come through. say hello to her and she acts all coy but has the biggest smile. She loves her playmat and to bat the hanging animals, but also likes to sit in her bouncher in front of me, watching me as well as has convestations.

Beth's first attempt at rolling
Beth is starting to sleep through the night until 6/7am, with the odd early morning just to keep me on my toes. We are still on 3-4 hours and 120-140mls, but she has gone down to 2nd centile as she is only a wee 9lbs 7ozs. As she is eating well and putting on the weight as she should be, they are keeping an eye but not worried. It does however, mean her clothers will last her ages, she is only starting to truly fit 0-3 months now.

She is my little Piglet, small but strong. Hubby and I had the stomach bug going round and she didn't didn't get anything from it. I am still amazed by her, and how much she's growing before our eyes. In the next month we will be starting post-natal classes and baby massage (being a massuer I'm really looking forward to this!), as well as back to play group after the Easter break. I swaer she has a busier social life than me.

3 Months today!


  1. That last picture <3 So happy to hear she is doing well! xx

  2. She's adorable. Ooh you're a masseur, wish I know you in RL hehe :)

    Alex x


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