Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Colic and Dr. Browns Natural Flow Bottles

Colic is a constant crying of 3 hours (and longer) within a 24 hours period for 3 days. It is the most heartbreaking thing I have had to deal with, one day Beth was a happy smiling baby, the next was so upset to the point of being unable to be soothed.

After day three I was in tears, did this mean I was being a bad Mum because I couldn't understand and solve what was wrong. Beth would bring her legs to her torso, arch her back, kick, scream, and be teary. She would also be up most of the night and want feeding all the time.

After another exhausting night I sent an SOS over Twitter and Babycentre Jan birth club, I was at my wits end, I loved my daughter but was considering to walking away as I couldn't cope, my husband found me screaming at one point and had to take her away. A lot of other Mum's were hugely supportive and were unanimous in what it was - Colic, as well as numerous solutions.

One offered more than once, was changing my bottles to Dr. Browns, the timing was perfect. Beth's appetite was getting bigger and we would soon need to swap from her 150ml bottles to bigger ones. I researched them, including reviews, to me it seemed to be too good to be true when a majority was saying yes they worked. I invested my back dated child benefit in 2 x 4 packs of bottles at £17.17 each from Mothercare (compare these to 6 x Tommi Teepies at £12.99).

They come with four pieces that form the vent system bottle, this system means that the baby swallows the milk and not the air. It is easy to assemble, but it will take only a little longer to wash and sterilise than 'normal' bottles. You will also need to stir the milk rather than shake (if you have formula) as they will leak because of the vent system.

I now have been using them for about a week, 5-6 feeds a day. The first day was Beth adjusting to the new teats, so she dribbled a lot and wanting feeding more as she would spit out after about half the bottle. If you choose to change, do not plan anything the day you do it just in case you get the same as me. This only lasted for 24 hours, she was then back to her normal feeding pattern. 5 days later the Infacol she was having before every feed was stopped and have had no colic crying since.
I think this bottles have been brilliant, to have a happy baby with no medication makes a really happy Mum. Fully recommended.

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