Thursday, 12 September 2013

MiniLemming Update - Week 23

Taken at Week 20 - No, I don't know what that thing is at the top either.

Here they are, fully formed Minilemming doing well and on target (growth wise) for January 9th. I still do not what I am having, I could of found out easily as the scan was absolutely clear. I was taken on a mystery tour of their body, being shown everything as the measurements where taken. Yes, I did shed a few tears, I was naturally worried for weeks that everything wasn't OK.

The kicks started the Sunday before the scan, actually the monkey was getting me into training for the early mornings by waking me up at 6am which what I thought were an upset tummy. It wasn't until early evening that I had my first proper kick which made me realise that they making themselves know.

I now have increased flutters and kicks throughout the day, last night even reacted to me asking if it wanted dinner (see? I'm not talking to myself anymore like a mad woman). I am now much bigger, where I'm starting to need help getting up from sofa as well as moving a lot more slower. I swear a snail overtook me on the way home tonight. Also I get nightly indigestion and heartburn, lovely.

The count down has now started until I go on maternity leave (about 3 months today, unless I get ordered to go earlier). And the reality of what really is going on in there starts to loom a lot more bigger.....

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