Monday, 9 September 2013

Purepotions Skin Salvation

As my pregnancy develops I have notice that my skin has got drier and more itchy. My poor suffering lips are as flaky as when it is Winter. I received this from Natures Healthbox when they asked for constructive advice on Facebook how they can improve their service, I was happy to be offered this even through I wasn't the main winner for this.

Natures Healthbox only deal with products that are as close to nature as possible, I have been a customer for a while after working with them to review Weleda's Pomegranate Body Oil (Currently using their Stretch Mark Body Oil). The small team have always been helpful and encourage any feedback from their customer to improve services.

Skin Salvation comes in a 15ml glass jar (classed as a trail size -£3.50). It has a mixture of beeswax, hemp seed oil, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Olive fruit oil amongst the ingredients. These provide a barrier to the inflamed skin as well healing agents that help with the process.

I have kept this by my computer screen to apply to lips as and when, as well as any parts of skin that need that help. On my lips it doesn't leave much residue and does leave my lips more softer and nourished than before. When applied to the skin, it healed up any redness that happened and reduced the itchiness that I had within a few minutes. Its also light enough that I didn't notice wearing it until I gave Hubby a kiss and he whine that I had lip stuff on.

It does provide value wise, you only need to apply a small amount warmed between fingers to the area. The entry size 30ml is £7.49 while the largest is 120ml for £16.99 (currently on offer 2 for £25). They do recommend a patch test before use and each pot comes with a best before date so you can ensure that it is at it's best.

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