Thursday, 15 May 2014

Mental Health Awareness Week

Anxiety is the most common mental disorder. A low level of anxiety for short periods of time say for a job interview is healthy. When we talk about anxiety as a mental health issue it is when a fear of a perceived threat or worry is ongoing and life consuming. 

Chronic anxiety can affect concentration,  damage relationships and stop people from leaving the house. It is something that is not a trivial issue,  anxiety can stop you living life but is treatable. 

Spotting anxiety and its affects is the first step. There are both physical and psychological symptoms:


 –Rapid and/or irregular heartbeat
– Fast breathing
– Weakened/tense muscles
– Sweating
– Churning stomach/loose bowels
– Dizziness
– Dry mouth


 – Feeling worried all the time
– Trouble sleeping
– Lack of concentration
– Feeling irritable
– Feeling depressed
– Loss of self-confidence

 It is hard to live with anxiety, its all about you controlling it rather than it controlling you. It is not a matter of deciding that you will not be anxious anymore, There are many charities that offer simple and piratical resources if and when you choose to receive help with how to handle live with anxiety. 

Mental Health Foundation -
Anxiety UK -
Anxiety Care -
Be Mindful -
Mind -

Tomorrow I will talk about my journey with anxiety, being a new mum with it and how I am coping now.

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