Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Aftermath (Birth Story Part 2)

I now had my daughter in my arms and a proud Husband on the phone to the grandparents (I was no fit state to talk to anyone because of the amount of drugs I had over the past few hours). I was trying to come to terms that not only was my lower body was non existent at this present time but the little human beside me was my baby that only an hour ago had been pushing down on my pelvis. I couldn't stop grinning, regardless of how tired and drained I was. I was asked if I want to try and feed her, but she had other plans and didn't want to know. I was told that was fine, we had both been through a lot and she probably was a bit dopey.

Taken an hour after labour, feeling like I've been hit with a wrecking ball!
 This is when the baby doctor came over, something had come up in her blood results and she will need to stay in for a few days and have regular antibiotics. I had already been told that I would be staying for 24 hours because of the epidural, but to hear she was unwell was upsetting.  We were taken to labour ward and left to settle in. My husband said his goodbyes as he needed some sleep and a change of clothes but will come back in the evening. It was just her and me, but I couldn't care for her as I was on 24 hour bed rest, every time she cried I had to get a midwife to change her and pass her over to me. She was also refusing to breastfeed. They took Beth away for 3 hours that afternoon to start her IV for the antibiotics, same as her mum she had small veins so had to have an injection to start.

The epidural took 5 hours to wear off until I got any feeling, I was like Uma Thurman from Kill Bill Vol.1 getting my toes to wiggle. This also is when visiting times started, grandparents came and went, I finally ate something but could not sleep. I wanted to take in every minute of my daughter and let it all sink in, early morning they came in and removed everything that had restricted me to bed so I could sleep. What I was really dying to do was to look after my daughter myself and pick up for cuddles.

Breast feeding was still a nightmare, at this point she had only had a few mouthfuls of my milk and I was getting concerned that she was not feeding, I was in tears when the midwives found me. We gave her some formula and they supported me in hand expressing so we can give the feeds she needed. Beth guzzled that first bottle and slept contently for hours. By the afternoon I had only slept a couple of hours since birth, I was exhausted and couldn't keep my eyes open as well as increasingly emotional.

According to the people on my ward I passed out asleep at about 6, didn't wake up until late, and was sleeping the same way as Beth - arms stretched out on my back. I woke up happier and refreshed, I got asked if I want to take Beth down for her next dose of antibiotics (by now they had manage to fit an IV in her, it eclipsed her poor arm) and met the team in neonatal. They are all wonderful, and they were really welcoming, cooing over Beth and soothing her when she cried. I'm very glad I got to met them and am thankful they looked after her so well.

We had to cover the IV with mittens so she didn't chew on it!
I met all the consultants who was part of the birth, so they can answer any questions I had as well as explain to me why decisions had been made as everything had happened because it was so quick. I was applauded that I survived so long on so little pain relief and that the progress I had made since birth was exceeding expectations. I was signed off as my care was complete and now was waiting for Beth to get the all clear.

The ward I was on soon became my family, we spent hours talking in the morning and Beth soon became a favourite for cuddles (I was on a mixed pre/post labour ward). Over breakfast Thursday morning I was told that if Beth's next set of blood tests came back clear at 5pm we can go home. She went off at 3pm for her final dose and was wheeled back up with the same consultant who smiled and said that we could go as the results has come back early. My Husband had left 10 minutes earlier so I was hurriedly trying to call him to come back!

We left hospital at 6pm (after getting my dinner I ordered), wishing everyone the best and bundling the bags we had into the car. I also came to realise life with stitches was going to be interesting as everything hurt and pulled, I was on pain killers to help with the swelling and bruising (thankfully I had brought arnica tablets to help as well). The first night home was a huge learning curve but I survived as it was good to be home.

Peace and quiet
Since then its been a blur of nappies, bottles, cuddles, visitors, and grabbing sleep/food where possible. Husband has been a huge help giving me rest breaks where possible as well as cuddles for me. Beth is coming along beautifully, she needs to put on a little more weight but still guzzles her feeds like we starve her (which I like to point out we don't!). The Husband and I fight over who's going to hold her and I could watch her for hours with her little noises and movements. My husband always asks me, "Was it worth it all?" and I always answer, "Of course, she's gorgeous".


  1. It's horrible when it doesn't all go to plan, isn't it.

    I'm so glad everything righted itself so quickly and you got her home in really good time - Congratulations, she's absolutely gorgeous - Enjoy as many cuddles as you can fit in to the day xxx

  2. You look beautiful even after labour! So, so proud of you and I can't wait to meet her xxxxxx

  3. I'm booked in to have a C Section on Thursday. I am so excited but absolutely terrified. I can't wait to meet our baby boy, but wouldn't it be so much nicer if the stork did actually bring them! LOL.

    Enjoy your gorgeous little lady.



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