Sunday, 9 February 2014

Eye of Horus Liquid Define Eye Liner

I got my hands on this after another one of my random conversations about still seeking the liquid eye liner, when I was a little younger I went through a phase of wearing liquid liner everyday with a subtle flick. I had previously used Lancome Artliner because I found it easy to use, however I hated the price tag and stopped using it. I has since been trying to find the one that was not only easy to use but a reasonable price bracket. I then got a message asking if I wanted to try this to see if it could be the one I've been seeking, and as you can tell I said yes.

Eye of Horus looks to the Egyptian history to inspire their product range of eye definers. They believe in being cruelty free and use as close to natural ingredients as possible. Based in Australia, they've now come to the UK amongst high praise from Pixiwoo after being used in their tutorials on youtube. I also know that other artists that have tried them, have loved them to.

The nib is taped to a point which makes flicks a lot easier to do and no matter which side you use it still gives the same result. The colour is the blackest black you can get, and dries quickly so there is no transfer after application. This does mean that if you want to smudge it you will need to work quickly. I wore this for the first time at my work Christmas do in December and not only survived the night, but removed easily without leaving anything behind to leave me with panda eyes in the morning (which is something my Lancome one did).

From FOTD Christmas do (I miss my pregnancy glow)

 Price is £13.00 from Cocktail Cosmetics, while it is still on the higher end of the price range, this is worth the investment as for me it is the one as it ticks all the boxes on what I needed in a liner.

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  1. I've heard loads about these eyeliners, I got one of the other ones but I wish I'd got this one now. It looks great on you!


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