Thursday, 13 February 2014

I Promise Gift

My husband and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day for two reasons: 1. We tell each other we love the other everyday, we don't need over priced tact to show that and 2. It's also our anniversary of when we re-met on a night out exactly a week later on 21st. On the other hand I am an old romantic who does put a thought into gifts, so this appealed to me greatly.

IPromise puts your little promises and gestures into writing turning them into keep sakes. They come in two colour ways Blue or Red and are printed on thick, high quality card. You can add whatever you would like and can put on illastrations. If you get stuck for ideas, IPromise also has some suggestions.

I love the idea behind these, I did spend a large amount of time thinking of what I want to promise my Husband (dont't worry he won't be reading this before next week, he's been banned!). My promises were: To hug and love you everyday. To support you in your dreams. To love our family everlasting.

Considering we both been ships that pass in the night as one of us goes to bed while the other sits up with our newborn girl, I really wanted something to show that not only did I appreciate the support he gave me but not forgotten him as a person.

IPromise starts at £9.50 (for the set I have) up to £18.50 depending on how mnay promises you want to give. You can purchase them through their website

*PR Sample

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  1. These look really sweet and would make a lovely gift. Steve :o)


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