Friday, 21 February 2014

Bethany Update - Month 1

At 2ish Weeks
Can someone explain to me where that month has zoomed off to? It only just felt like I brought her home and was panicing that I had nothing ready. Now I am a lean, mean nappy chaging machine that is also making formula at the same time!

She still is just so tiny, she now weighs 7lb 5ozs but is eating like a trooper between 3-4 hours and 120mls. Even though she is small, the health visitor isn't concerned but we do go to weekly weigh ins at the moment. I now also have been reported as recovering well, and things are slowly returning to normal and healing. By my 6 week check it should be recoverd and I can look at getting more exercise and out of the house.

Beth has also started to be more awake at night, which is fun for me as normally I can feed her and put her back down. Hopefully we can start trying to put a routine together now my husband has a new job and we both are far more confident in what we are doing now. Ewan the Dreamsheep is arriving in the next few days to hopefully help out (Youtube the videos, babies fall alseep in seconds with this!)

She gave me the other day the biggest beaming smile when she saw me when my MIL was holding her, she seemed overjoyed to see me and it was the best feeling. It's little bits like that that keep me going when I've only had a handful of hours sleep and she's crying for (to me) no reason.

Simon Cowell said after the birth of his child, " I never knew how much love and pride you could feel." I completely agree with this, I still stare at her for hours because I cannot believe she's here and to me she is just beautiful (how can you resist those big eyes!)

Her "What ARE you doing Mummy?" face at 3 weeks


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