Monday, 17 February 2014

Neom Complete Bliss Hand Cream

As a new Mum you wash your hands several times a day, before/after feeds, before/after bathroom breaks (to prevent cross infection), as well as hot soapy water to wash feeding bottle. Your hands really do suffer, they get drier, itchy and all the cuticles get cracked. My gorgeous pregnancy nails were a thing of the past (pictured here with Essie's For The Twill of It on), I was left with short flakey below par nails.

I had got this 50ml size in one of British Beauty Blogger's infamous blog boxes, and have been using it an intense evening treatment. Neom is more known for it candle ranges and me being naive, was surpised that they did more than that in their range.

Complete Bliss main ingrediant is Moroccan Rose, which is aromatherapy is used for drier skins as well as soothing, it also contains vitamin A&E packed Shea Butter, Macadamia Nut Oil, Rosemary Leaf & Pomegranate for noisturent. Pnnk pepper and lime give the scent an uplifting, fresher tone that stops the rose from over powering the product. The constitancy is rich but still sinks in without resdue.

Neom only sell this in a 250ml pump bottle for £18.00 (this is 7p per a 1 ml) through their website. However I have spotted some going for £13.00 so its worth having a search for. This would make a luxury present for a new mum and like me I'm sure they would appreciate a little luxury after a long day with a newborn.

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