Sunday, 9 December 2012

Where I have been and where I am going

I regularly take part in the #bbloggers twitter chats that happen on a Sunday and Wednesday night, Sunday nights subject was what inspired you and how you started.

I started this blog on 25th January 2012 after injuring my knee the end of last year. I had a lot of free time on my hands and was browsing the internet where I started reading British Beauty Blogger on a daily basis. It from her blog that I started clicking her favourite links and tripped over The London Lipgloss and A Beauty Junkie in London, which then lead to Jayne's Kistchen (all links to blogs are on the right in 'Blogs I Love' as I am writing this on my tablet straight after the chat and it won't let me link everything up).

For myself I was reaching a crossroads, my injury forced me to relook at the life I was living, I was just plodding along with nothing that filled my time. I still love Beauty and I always looked fondly back on my Estee Lauder days. It just clicked, "I've got experience to throw my ideas out there, why not?" so that how Unevenlemming Beauty was born, with an idea and a little bit of hope.

For me in an year that has more downs than ups, this little corner of the blogging world has been my continuing piece of sanity through it. I want take this entry to thank everyone of you guys who reads, comments, follows, and tweets. I am part of a great community of talented but human people, we need to keep hold of that as it is something really special.

For 2013 I know there are great things coming including a make over for the whole blog, as I grow it grows with me. I will also (fingers crossed) complete my BTEC in February and finish the course that I have always dreamed of doing. This is also a time of moving as I am moving home to something smaller and more manageable (and yes cheaper), this does mean that my husband and I can put a lot of stress behind us. All I ask is for a little patience while all this happens, but it's going to be so exciting and I'm looking forward to sharing it all.

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