Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Masterclass - Eyebrows

We have previous spoken about how to tidy the eyebrows and give them some defination and shape in previous Masterclass Update on Threading. What we are going to focus on here is how to add colour and bring out the eyebrows more using colour cosmestics.

The aim is produce eyeborws that are evenly shaped and taper naturally away at the outer edges. For the most natural effect would be an enhancement for the shape, however some fashions can lead for more of a promantly look

There are two different products to consider: Pencil and powder. Pencil should used put little angled lines to fill in where hair is sparse. Powder is worked using a pointed or firm and angled brush. Both should be used going from the inside of the eyebrows and worked outwards. This should be at the same time with breaks to swap so each can look indentical.

The next hurdle is what colour would be best - The colour should again be an enhancement of the natural colour. These below are guidelines:
  • Blonde should be an ash colour
  • Browns should be Mahogany colour (like a reddish brown)
  • Black Brown should be a deeper mahogany or smoke (black is too dark - see above!)
  • Red should be taupe or camel
  • Grey/White shold be a grey or taupe.
I found now I regually had my eyebrows shaped and defined the rest of the my make up falls into place easier. Something so simple has really opened my eyes up and added more a simple, defined and chic everyday look.

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