Saturday, 9 June 2012

Masterclass - Eyelash Perming

First and foremost, I need to empathise an important point - There are some things that can be done at home and we have spoken about some of them; this however should be done by a therapist that has qualified in this. I hope after you read about this you will understand why I say this.

Curling the plashes can open up the eyes and while eye lashes curl tools can do this, they can over time weaken the lashes and lead to breakage. Lash perming is perfect for when your going on holiday and occasions as it is waterproof and it can last up to 6 weeks. They are also more suitable for people with shorter lashes that can have problems curling them. It is not recommended for people with already naturally curly lashes, very very short lashes (that are also sparse), and lashes that are already very fragile. The Therapist should take a consultation with you to make sure that this is the best treatment for you and not waste your money.

The perming itself is very similar to perming the hair on your head. The area is cleansed and the correct size roller is applied to the edge of the eyelid, then the lashes are gently curled on the roller using a cotton bud and stuck down. The perm lotion is then applied to the lashes, left to set then wiped off. Then another a solution (the fixing lotion) is added and covered for 10-15 minutes. This is then removed and then the rollers are gently (and it should be gently!) removed towards the chin. These lotions break down the protein chains in the hair follicles so the reaction softens them so they can "fixed" into the new curled shape. After the fixing solution is applied and removed, the lashes have a moisturising lotion added so it can condition the hair after treatment.

I had this done a few years ago as a model for the local college course for the students to watch, the tutor I had been practising for a few years and put me at great ease. The resulting lashes were beautifully curled and lasted well to 6 weeks were they grew out. There are two things I feel I need to mention about the treatment from my own experience: I found the sensation of the rollers on my lashes took a long time to get used to, it is a really odd sensation but the results are worth (as well as the head massage I got while it developed). The other is the perming lotion smell, there is nothing that can be done about that, a good therapist should make sure that the room is well ventilated.

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