Thursday, 14 June 2012

Masterclass - Eyelash Extensions/False Lashes

Common false lashes are made out of nylon or real hair, the recent conterversal use was mink hair in London salons. The hair brushed from the mink and collected by hand, and that is wht here is a £125.00 price tag for a pair of lashes in salons. They are suppose to give a more natural appearance, however don't discount the nylon variety. They have a better reputation of holding a curl that most false lash lovers crave, and for me, they're much more kinder to animals like the minks.

False lashes are applied to the eyelid along the lashline to plump out the existing lashes to give that wide eyed look that was fashionable in 1960/70's. They can also be corective by filling in gaps of missing hair as well as be a addiction to fantasy make up.

Lashes come in individual and strips, as well as perament and temporary. With perment lashes they are applied by a consulatnt after a patch test for the glue is performed one by one, starting at the inner corner and working ttheir way outwards. It can take anythign from 1 and half hours to 3 hours depending on the skill of the therapist, and after that you will need to return every 2 to 5 weeks to refil and maintain the growth.

Temporary lashes can be applied by yourself, come in strip (where the fibres are attached to a small strip where the glue is applied) or indival (where the fibres are put together in small groups). You will need some good light, tweezers and a very steady hand, always read the manufactures instructions and skin test the glue 24 hours before use.

Removal is simple with tempoaries - With clean hands lift the strip from the outer eye edge, gently pull the lash away from the eyelid. They can also have the adhensive removed and a gentle clean to be reused (unless they're past past their best, threw them out!).

There are some fabulous fashion lashes out there that add that dramatic edge to any look.



The paper ones are just amazing when used, the recently been featured in The Hunger Games movie on Eeffie Trinket. I prefer it when the lashes do the talking, keeping the rest of the face simple with any focus on the eyes.

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  1. This is a great tutorial for how to put on fake eyelashes. Thanks so much for your article we are going to look at including it in our weekly wrap up!


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