Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Ciate's Bon Bon Vs. Nails Inc. Portchester Square

Left: Ciate in Bon Bon. Right: Nails Inc. Portchester Road
I never really been a nude nail girl, I'd rather have my nails making a bold statement, but then I may be mellowing in my old age and starting to think about getting some nudes in my collection. Marie Claire has this one in their magazine as a freebie (it will be ending this week so grab then while you can, there are two other colours to collect). I did wear it for a while (NOTD here), and while it's a reasonable varnish, the colour really didn't bowl me over.

I then did an order with LatestInBeauty (Here) where they were (and still are) selling this colour for £6.00 instead of £11 and thought why not? I received my order on Saturday and while watching the F1 (wasn't it an awesome race?!) painted my nails and wondered how the two together would compare.

Taken on daylight (when it was sunny!)

The first thing that strikes me is that the Ciate Bon Bon is acutally more of a lilac, while the Nails Inc. Porcester Square is a lot more of a nuder brown. I also found the Bon Bon against my skintone was right at all, while the Nails Inc complimented more. Painting wise, I found the Nails Inc much more easier to use and in these pictures it's only one coat while the Ciate has two.

I also put them to ultimate manicure test - I painted each hand in the colours and did two hours of housework (scrubbing, hot water, cleaning chemicals, the whole thing!). The Ciate didn't fair well and started to chip towards the end. However, the Nails Inc stood up to the test and still look reasonable glossy.

So sorry Ciate as pretty as your bottles are, when it comes down to giving it some punishment it didn't stand the test of a good house clean. Nails Inc wins!

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