Thursday, 21 June 2012

NOTD: Avon's Starry Night

My 50th Post goes to the new amazing "Starry Night" by Avon. I've now worn it for 3 days and it has only started to show the smallest (and hardly noticeable) sign of wear. It is a shimmer of silver with I've found a few slightly larger pieces, it reflects light very well to the point that my husband said that it looks like I've painted mirrors on my fingers. The brush I find is good to paint with, and you don't need to wipe too much excess lacquer off to cover the nail. Two coats will give a strong colour, and would be easy to use in nail art.

Avon are defiantly now one brand to look in for affordable varnish and they currently are running an offer of 2 bottles for £8 (Normally £6 each) HERE. I brought Romance, a shimmer pink/mauve, at the same time and am now looking forward to trying it now.

In artifical light (with Instagram, just painted)

In daylight (after 3 days wear)

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