Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Happy 1st Birthday Minilemming

Dear Bethany

Happy Birthday, at this exact moment you were being born before being handed over to your Dad while Mum was being looked after post birth. You were so small and your cry so wee in sound. I was so afraid to hold you in case I dropped you, but I was still in shock that you were finally here.

I still stayed in that shock for another 24 hours until I finally passed out asleep cuddling you. The midwife came in and settled you down, according to the other Mums on the ward we slept exactly the same with our arms over our heads, it like you were copying me.

You were and are adored, I still stare at you and just wonder how lucky did I get to be blessed with such a beautiful little girl. You stole my heart at you first cry, I cannot love you more if I tried. There have been ups and downs but wtihout you and Daddy I really wouldn't be able of coped. Your smile lit up my darkness, your giggle filled me with joy.

You have grown into a little inquisitive mischief and being able to share how you are growing is something I thank Daddy for everyday because without him it wouldn't of been possible. I really wish I could express how dearly we both love you, how you fascinate us and how special you really are.

Happy 1st Birthday, my little lady

I could of easily flooded this wtih pictures of her :)


  1. Ahh Helen - Happy Belated Birthday to Minilemming! I can't believe it's a year already - she's gorgeous and what a lovely pic of you both! My little girl is growing so fast - I say 'little' but she's already 11 and my son even is even older - it's scary! xx

    1. It's a lovely photo, we ended up winning their Xmas competition to win a fmaily meal so we used it for her birthday dinner :) She is just stunning, so blessed and boy has it flown! x

  2. What a gorgeous little girl you have! Congratulations :)
    Read through some of your beauty reviews too! Nice blog. Keep up the hard work of being a mummy and a blogger!


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