Friday, 16 January 2015

She is my Daughter, isn't she?

I had my newly born little girl in my arms, admiring her little snuffles and wondering what she was thinking. People arrive to visit and the first thing they say is, "She looks a lot like Hubby, doesn't she?" As Bethany grew it got remarked more and more, with her light coloured hair and deep blues eyes compared to my darkest brown hair and hazel eyes.

At first I wrote it off, I read that in the first few months they do look more like their fathers so it lowers the risk of rejection from them. I used to stare at her to try and pick my features out, she has my shaped eyes, nose, but them I became obsessed.

Behind closed doors it was one of the aspects that drove me down, she must be my daughter? I gave birth to her after carrying her inside me for over 9 months, so she surely must be my daughter? The remarks went on, the tears carried on. I was having to reassure myself as I thought it was sill to think like this.

It wasn't until I needed to pick some photos out for a baby shower of Beth and I as babies that it hit me, she IS MY daughter as she looks identical to me when I was her age, right down to the exact expressions.

She IS MY daughter as she wrinkles her nose when she smiles, she likes to be around people and watch them like me, she loves music and dancing, and she is just as shy with new people as me. It may not be obvious at a glance that she is mine, but believe me - She damn well is!

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