Thursday, 15 January 2015

My 1st Years - Velour Snuggle Towel

I've had this in my photo album since Bethany got given it by Blogger Aunt, Bex from Futures. My 1st Years specialises in personalised presents for babies and children, I had already tripped over them when I was pregnant but didn't think about it afterwards as I was little busy with a newborn.

I got an mail from Bex one day asking for spellings etc and I was wondering what she was up to. She said that she was getting a present sorted for Bethany and to keep an eye out for a parcel. A few days later we got a parcel in a beautiful box from My 1st Years, inside wrapped in tissue was the most beautiful velour cuddle bunny ear towel.

For those who know me reasonably well, I have a slight obsession with rabbits. I do think this has transferred to Beth as he bedtime toy is a bunny, so this was perfect. You can imagine my excitement when I opened it and screamed, "It's has rabbit ears!"

It is a thick towel, the velour is on the outside while there is a more absorbent layer underneath. I got given this May last year and we still use it today as it is very generous in sizing. It's washes very well and shows not sigh of any wear or washing.

I have already purchased from them again which I'll do for a separate post as they are Bethany's birthday present. This exact towel is no longer available, but they do a blue/pink one that is almost the same, this is for the pink towel. I now want the velour bathrobe for her, well it is her 1st birthday next week....

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