Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Bethany Update and Bethany's 1st Birthday

A whole year has now gone by, and yes it's flown, no I cannot believe she's now classed as a toddler. We now happily cruise around furniture and the new favourite past time is to throw things off the whatever she is hanging onto. She gaining confidence each day, she would rather be on her feet than sitting down now.

Bethany now babbles and points to items she wants, her communication is increasing to the point I'm starting to understand what she is after which means we have a lot less tears of frustraction but more when I take something off of her. Everything si develpoing as it should with no intervention from Health visitors etc.

Her 1st birthday turned into a week of celebrations, she got her first lot of presents from grandparents and great granparents on the Friday before as they couldn't be there on the day (we surprised both sets with video calls on the day). She had a huge package covered in a sheet that she tried to pull off to find a rocking horse undernethe, she wasn't keen that night bue was on it the following night. She now crawls over the strokes it.

Wednesday was her actually birthday which was spent round my parents, a few presents but she was full of beans and couldn't keep still all day until naptime. I had won a competition to win a family dinner out and we all went out for dinner that night with my brother/sister in law and had lots of fun with the kids board game they supply while you wait for food. It did get very competeive!

On Saturday we had her birthday party with other members of the family, Beth being a little fairy and loving all the balloons. We saved all the presents from us until then, so she had presents to open with people so they can feel part of it. It was a small party, this worked well as she had injections the day before and her 4th tooth was cutting (which we didn't kow at the time, hence not being able to blog because of her being unwell with both).

You can see the full photo album of the pictures here as well as my bad birthday singing.

Being 1 hasn't phased Bethany, she still the happy, giggling little girl she was before. Age is just a number.


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