Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Bethany Update - 6 months (and 3 days)

The last time we left you you in the 5 Month Update we ere having our first spoonfuls of baby rice, after our HV said that she wasn't putting enough weight on. We build up the meals over the past few weeks from going from lunch to lunch/dinner and now breakfast/lunch/dinner with a snack if she wants it. Beth now is a hungry little thing and bangs her highchair if I don't feed her fast enough.

First Mouthfuls
Her favourite so far is Oatifix Strawberry and Banana, gobbles it all up, then its Apple and Pear puree. We did have a fight with carrot but found mixing it with something else works, sweet potato being the favourite. My friend lent me her steamer/blender which means I can make all my own ones for home, and then I take a pouch for when I'm out and about.

The key question is has she put any weight on? Well, since we started she has put on 1lb in a month, 10ozs of that in the past 3 weeks as we increase her meals. The HV has now said we only have to visit once a month now. You can now see that she is putting on weight as she getting baby chub on her face.

Taken on Monday, her 6 month birthday
I now cannot take my eyes off of her as she is now rolling more, yesterday we finally cracked rolling front to back and back again after spending an afternoon rolling and getting stuck. We are also getting more vocal and babbling more, but you can hear the start of words forming so I don't  think that the start of words are far away now.

I am still surprised how far she's come and this is only the start before she's one we have so much to learn/do. We have finally left 0-3 clothes behind and now am in pretty 3-6 months dresses and shorts. I get some many compliments on how calm and chilled she is compared to other babies, she only cries if there is something really wrong like she's hungry/wet/tired. She is very much a people person and was very happy to sit on everyone's lap on Monday.

Sharing her coke with Mummy
Chilling by the pool for a friend's birthday party.
Playing Xbos with Daddy
Thank you for everyone's wishes on the passing of my Aunt and your paience as I took time out. The funreal was a sun filled afternoon and her final resting place is perfect. If it wasn't for the Iain Rennie nurses my Aunt's final days would not be been as comfortable as she wanted. As a family, we are increbible grateful. They are a chariety so they always require donations. You can donate at their Just Giving page

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