Monday, 7 July 2014

A Weighty Issue - Update 1

I previously wrote about my desire to try and start losing some weight in the original A Weighty Issue.

I started by downloading My Fitness Pal (User name: Unevenlemming) to monitor what a was eating to give myself a large shock as well as motivation. My milkshake craving, left over from my pregnancy, was coming in at 400 + each time, is a meal in itself. I also started looking for substitutes for things I like everyday, I found a lower calorie packet of crisps (Walkers Squares, around 99 a packet) and chocolate with whipped nougat centre (ASDA Own Whirly Bites at 74 calorie a fun size bar).

The first two weeks I lost 6lbs, which I was overjoyed about. The following week was tougher, I was volunteering at Newly New Sale so even through I was running around and took a packed lunch with me, there was still a huge amount of cake around. When I needed a sugar hit instead of fighting it, I hit the cake. I've now noticed this is my weakness at the moment. I go to a few baby groups during the week, they all have biscuits/cakes as much as you can eat and I do. I also was at a children's birthday party yesterday and it was mostly cake and sweet things.

I weighed myself again on Friday and I had put back on 3lbs, I hoped I would stay steady but I was not surprised when I saw I had put weight on. My mission for the next few weeks is to resist cake or at the very least be sensible with how much I was eating. I am planning to walk more, I do walk where I can but I'm sure I can sneak some more in and the static bike has been cleared so I can also use that as well now. Beth also wakes at 6am more now and will stay up, I know I am finding this tiring and its making me craving more sugar, I need to make sure that I get enough rest to adapt to this change.

I know there still some way to go and yes I am making small changes at a time. In a few months time I will be returning back to work part time so that will throw another spanner in the works. For now, it's seeing what changes I can make.

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