Saturday, 22 March 2014

Bethany Update - Month 2

This has been a more tougher month and a was a challange. 

A few weeks ago Beth was crying non stop for hours early evening until late, she was fussing, restless and was unhappy. I was in tears at least once a day. After a plea on Twitter and Bsbycentre Jan Birthboard I got my answer - Colic.

After a night of broken sleep we went and got some Infacol, this was to be given before every feed. That night she wasn't crying, she was still fussing but it was still far better than before.
We also had Dr. Browns bottles recommended, this was perfect timing as she was starting to take on more feed and we needed new bottles. In the past few days she has come off the Infacol and now sleeps through the night for about 8 hours a night.

There is still some concern over her weight (She's 8lb 12oz and in the 9th centile aka small for her age), so she's being monitored more. However, she feeds regually and when awake is alert and happy. She stilll has a wadrobe full of clothes to wear, but she is just too small for them as she only has just started to come out of Newborn clothes. For now she wears some of the cutest sleepsuits, two being Hello Kitty ones I got for £2 from Tesco.

We had our first play group on Friday, I was really nervous but she spent the session happy kicking on a playmat with the other babies or having cuddles with the mums. They were so welcoming, within minutes we were chatting away over tea. It was pute luck that I saw their advert a few weeks ago at a family wedding and for a £1 it's a bargain to get out for a few hours and share stories/stresses with other mums.

First injections are on Monday, so fingers crossed all goes smoothly. For now, I'll leave her gurgling at Ewan before bottle, cuddles and nap (while I watch her sleep). 


  1. Beautiful baby. You are so blessed. I also have that H is for Hummus too, in preparation for the new nursery. :)


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