Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Why I love the #Bbloggers Community

Tonight on the old Twitter I put that I had bloggers block, and currently in the middle of trailing a lot of products I got unfortunately thoughts of, "What do I write about?". I then got a few suggestions over Twitter from fellow bloggers. This is when I got my light bulb moment, this is why I love this community, I know I can put out a SOS and someone, somewhere will have the answer or at least point me in the right direction.

This is more evident as one of the younger members go into hospital tomorrow for a back operation. Shona from FreshBeautyXOX is half my own age but has gone through more what I could only imagine.  Not only is she a fab beauty blogger but also has written about her Solicitous journey (that's an curvature of the spine in S shape). I know I am one of the many people who wish her an extremely speedy recovery and lots of carefully done hugs.

But this is why I love the community - I can have a bad day with my pregnancy and know that I can turn to people from the community to get advice, tea and sympathy (as well as product recommendations that increase my wishlist every chat).

You know who you all are so thank you and I cannot wait to see you guys this weekend in the other Helen's London Meet Up. If you are going and I haven't meet you yet, it will be great to see you and hear you're a fan, but if we have meet before I look forward to meeting you again.

I'll stop being soppy now, I blame the hormones!

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  1. This is such a lovely post - nawwwwww! Big bblogger loveee!

    Zoe x


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