Monday, 5 August 2013

Dispatches: Celebs, Brands and Fake Fans

I instantly tweeted this last week when I saw the advert for this, as I knew a high majority of the blogger community (regardless of your topic) would be interested in this.

I hate to say that this is nothing new, being able to buy a significant amount of ID's for a few hundred didn't really surprise me. This actually brought up by several other Beauty Bloggers including Really Ree who wrote Twitter Fakes and Twitter Fakes Part 2 which I think has the best writing on the topic.

The most thing that rattled me about Dispatches (as well as making a mountain out of mole hill), is that celebrities only apologise when their hands are caught in the cookie jar. Us bloggers lose respect, followers and can also get named and shamed for doing this.

The Beauty Bloggers I read/follow are honest and will have open discussions on the issue of affiliate links (these are links that if customers purchase they get money from it), gifts, sponsored posts etc. I also like to think that I am also open about what I write on here.

The key tweet that I made tonight on the #fakefans hashtag was this: "Bloggers have a lot more respect for the real followers they have, as we engage more with our readers" We are more clearer than ever before on all of our activates. A large amount of my relationships have actually come through engagement from Twitter.

We are in an age where social media is becoming bigger and bigger, where advertisement and marketing is also getting smarter. Multi million pound sponsorship deals still continue and this is just another branch of advertising.

Channel 4, consumers are not as blind as you think, stop treating us as so.


  1. I couldn't agree more - I watched it and just thought 'This really isn't anything I don't already know...' Its common for brands to product place and the celebs aren't exactly going to say no when a tweet takes a minute to write. For younger followers I can understand them not seeing past it to some extent but for the older users among us it's blatantly obvious. If a brand catches my eye, through a Tweet or any other form, I'll investigate - celebrity endorsed or not. I completely agree with everything you've written here Helen - wonderfully put! xxx

    1. That's the problem with being older, we're more experienced in these matters, while young ages think that this is real. I would love to earn silly money for 30 secs it takes to write a tweet, I could do it in my PJ's too. :) x

  2. great blog! very inspiring and interesting :)



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